Friday, December 30, 2005

Remainder of 2005

i just came back from 2 camps... 14 days of hardship.. man what a sweat. but anyhow i learnt alot of things. many regarding the improvement of the society, many others regarding a special "somebody" hehe.

well 48 more hours and it's 2005 no more. i'm preparing for a gesture to myself, it's also a rememberance and memento.. just to remind myself about what friends really are and remember what wrongs are already done.

And again, i hope the new year would be a better one, i've already seen the threads of :) s coming up. Wish u all a happy new year. And to those outgoing ones, hope we meet again.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Zzzzzzzzzzz.... i can't even feel my December... everyday go here go there, sleep here sleep there, dota here dota there... sien dao bao....

This is SPM's aftermath.... Participants would suddenly feel the lack of studying, the lack of exams, the lack of strain, the lack of braincell-killing... what the hell, they should be happy! Intead, most of them sit around sulking bout nothing to do...

Therefore, SPM should be banned. It is unhealthy for teenage students to just waste away during the aftermath.. Oh well, some luck lovebirds have each other for company and i cant complain bout that... but i still have SOME friends, who really spend time with me. Wonder what happened to the rest and the particular one, wun even reply when i HI.... HI dude! wake up! i'm HERE!

So, enjoy! to those who have perfect company and lead perfect lives and await perfect grades, and my sympathy to those of loneliness and the doom awaiters. Happy Holidays. That means Happy Campingday for all Chong Hwa 24 drummers. Tq. i wun forget u guys who ditched drums.

Monday, November 21, 2005


I woke up soooooooo early today.............. 9.00am.
Then le, i went to have games of basketball, in a result that i slightly bruised my arm, spent alot of money on drinks, and completely exhausted myself.
Studying later that the was a futile attempt, lack of concentration and simply lack of interest in MORAL.

Speaking of moral, i seriously doubt the abilities of the government in education. Wat the hell do we learn moral for? I suggest that more MORAL education be given to the pigs instead.

Well, tml is moral exam. Hope i am bermoral enough to not cheat for such a stupid exam.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

SPM sux

aih.. for months teachers have been asking us to read this, memorize that, do this, write that..... all for........ SPM?

the heck... SPM isnt for humans. it's for pigs. Apart from the science subjects and sejarah, which u actually need to touch a few books in order to pass, the rest is.................. pig standard...

wat to do... we're in pig nation.. btw, happy World Toilet's Day.